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Caring for Your Huntington Beach Draperies

Draperies in Huntington BeachBeautiful and oftentimes a bit on the costly side, draperies and other such window treatments can add an elegant touch to your Huntington Beach home for years — but only with the proper care. If you don’t know how to care for your draperies, you could soon find yourself in the market for a replacement.

Luckily, you can avoid the need to replace your beautiful and costly draperies, and doing so is easy enough. You just need to put in a little bit of time and effort every now and again, and you can keep your draperies looking and functioning like brand new for years and years to come.

Give Them a Gentle Shake Nightly

Dusty draperies look bad, and what’s more, they contribute to poor air quality in your home. To keep dust from locking itself into the grooves of your draperies, just give them a gentle shake every night to loosen up the day’s accumulation of dust, and dusty curtains won’t be a thing to worry about.

Vacuum Them Once a Month

While gently shaking your draperies will go a long way toward keeping them dust-free, you probably won’t be able to shake ALL the dust out of them. That’s why you need to supplement that work with vacuuming once a week. Remember to use an upholstery attachment on a low setting if possible.

Wash on Gentle Cycle & Dry on Low — IF POSSIBLE

Like anything else in your home, over time, your drapes are going to be exposed to stains and the like, meaning you’ll have to wash them at some point. But take caution: Though some drapes CAN be machine-washed (on low!), many of them can’t. To know the best way to clean your stained drapes, check what their tags say.

Iron Out Puckered Seams

Nothing makes a beautiful drape look downright unsightly like puckered seams. With your drapes, you’ll want sharp, striking seams, and if yours begin to look like anything less than that, gently iron them out on a low heat setting, and they’ll look as good as new once more.

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